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The party fight the Guard Scorpion in new Final Fantasy 7 Remake screens

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Square Enix have released a couple of new screens from the start of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, showing off a still from the game’s first boss battle and an image of Cloud hunkered down like a Gears of War grunt.

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Don’t attack while its tail is up, unless you want to be countered. This is the trick to beating Final Fantasy VII’s first boss battle, the Guard Scorpion.

In the original release, your companion, the gun-armed Barrett, says “Attack while it’s tail’s up!” (That rogue apostrophe is from the game). He then says, “It’s gonna counterattack with its laser.”

So of course you attack while its tail is up, since your pal tells you to. You then get counterattacked by a laser. A new localisation run is one of the reasons I’m excited for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Anyway, here’s how that fight will look on PC:

In a slightly less exciting scene, Cloud takes cover from an enemy soldier.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released some time before a comet wipes humanity from the face of the Earth.