Final Fantasy VII remake will not have Nobuo Uematsu working on its OST


The Final Fantasy VII remake might be heading to PlayStation 4 first, but there is a long history of the series being ported to PC, so don’t rule a PC version out. While details about the remake are pretty thin on the ground, Nobuo Uematsu has just revealed that he won’t be working on the soundtrack. That’s right, no Nobuo.

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This news was revealed in an interview with Jeux Video, when Uematsu was asked, “Are you working on the remake of Final Fantasy VII?” To which Uematsu replied, “Not at all”.

The incredible soundtrack of the original was composed by Uematsu within a year, and it as a huge shame that the remake’s music won’t have any input from him.

Almost every bit of music in that game is iconic and evokes strong memories and feelings of nostalgia from fans of the game. Hopefully the reason Uematsu isn’t involved is because Square Enix are planning on simply updating the existing OST.

Anything else just wouldn’t feel right. The soundtrack is so intrinsic to the places and the scenes that it is difficult to imagine anything other than Uematsu’s masterpiece backing it.

Watch this year’s E3 reveal once more for an example. At which point do you get goosebumps? Exactly when Final Fantasy VII’s opening music kicks in and Cloud walks through the alley, right?