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Final Fantasy 7 just got absolutely filthy

Final Fantasy 7 toes the line when it comes to profanity, but a new mod for the Square classic makes it adult-only, as we wait for more on FF16.

Final Fantasy 7 swearing mod: A group of fighters, Cloud, Barret, and Tifa, from Square RPG game Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 certainly deals with some adult themes, like environmental collapse, corporate greed, and the conflict between traditional faiths and modern economic power, but it’s always been polite and tasteful when it comes to language. The classic RPG game from Square features some memorable rants from the likes of Barret and the AVALANCHE crew, but they’re delicately censored out with punctuation marks and symbols. Well, not anymore, as one intrepid modder ‘restores’ the fully profane, grown-ups-only, unfiltered dialogue of FF7, creating a kind of x-rated cut of Final Fantasy 7, if you will. It’s definitely something to experience as we anticipate the Final Fantasy 16 release date.

Created by modder ‘chemical-e,’ ‘Final Fantasy 7 Uncensored Vanilla Script’ does exactly what you might expect, replacing all the symbols and random letters that normally obscure cuss words with, well, cuss words. “If you’re offended by bad words,” chemical-e says, “then this mod isn’t for you.”

Final Fantasy 7 swearing mod: Characters from RPG game Final Fantasy 7 as they stand on a subway train


Remember Barret going off on the subway, as you escape from the first Mako Reactor? How about the citizens of the Sector 7 Slums, ranting about living conditions and treatment by the local shopkeepers? Forget the remake and its fancy visuals. This is FF7 with some fire – this ain’t your grandad’s FF7.

Final Fantasy 7 Uncensored Vanilla Script works as a neat companion to the full FF7 voice-acting mod we saw earlier this year, which features a cast of fans and professional voiceover artists providing actual dialogue for every character and NPC in the entirety of Final Fantasy 7. You can get Final Fantasy Uncensored Vanilla Script right here.

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