Real-life Final Fantasy wedding service provides giant Moogles and swords

Square Enix has partnered with a Japanese bridal company to offer a Final Fantasy XIV themed wedding service complete with outfits, food, music, and replica weapons all themed after the game.

It’s a real-life service inspired by the ‘Eternal Bonding Ceremony’ a virtual wedding ceremony in the MMORPG where two players can show their love and devotion to each other by marrying their in-game characters in a beautiful virtual reception.

The wedding service provides a number of FFXIV themed goodies for you, your betrothed, and gathered congregation. Both the wedding dress and the tuxedo for the bride and groom are modeled after Final Fantasy garments, there will be in-game assets used for background images and decorations, music from FFXIV played throughout the ceremony, and you’ll be presented with a giant three-tiered cake with a full menu of themed food and drink. You can also have a display of a giant virtual Moogle watching over you as you exchange vows.

If that doesn’t impress you then this next part certainly will. The bride and groom get married carrying a life-size replica of a FFXIV weapon of their choice – I bet that’s not in your wedding planner. The photos accompanying the announcement showed the groom carrying the level 115 Curtana Nexus and a shield to match. So if anyone objects to your holy matrimony you can bash them over the head to shut them up.

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According to the press release, a standard plan for a FFXIV wedding service would set you back around 3.5mm Yen which works out around $31,500 / £24,100. Thats a tad more steep than the $30 virtual wedding in FFXIV and that’s for the platinum plan that comes with a ceremonial Chocobo.

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