Final Fantasy XIII-2 launching on PC next month; new features and enhancements promised

Final Fantasy XIII-2 on PC

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will soon be following in its predecessor’s footsteps by launching on Steam on December 11th. Final Fantasy XIII arrived on the platform last month, almost four years after its international launch on consoles. 

The launch of XIII was a bit problematic, with the game locked at 720p. Fixing this oversight was left up to diligent modder Durante, who created a profile on his GeDoSaTo tool the day of launch, proving just how easy it would have been for Square Enix to polish the port.

The trailer for XIII-2 promises new features and enhancements, unlike its predecessor, so perhaps the lesson has been learned and we can expect an improved version rather than an awkward port. Perhaps.

Cheers, Eurogamer.