Final Fantasy 13 is finally getting boosted to 1080p with new patch

Final Fantasy XIII at Durante-enabled high res.

Final Fantasy 13 finally made its way to the PC last October, but the port wasn’t everything it should have been. Locked at a fuzzy 720p, it was up to modders to release it from its low-resolution prison. 

Square Enix have finally got round to rectifying this mistake though, and will next week ship out a patch that upgrades the visuals to HD and beyond. 

The patch will arrive on Steam on December 11th, and will allow resolutions of 720p, 1080p, and above if your hardware allows. There will also be custom graphics options added to allow you a little more freedom over how the game looks and runs.

In the fast world of PC gaming this patch certainly comes in on the late side, but for players who prefer to stick to official patches rather than community mods this is a crucial fix. Final Fantasy 13 is certainly one of the weaker games in the franchise, but it is rather beautiful and deserves to be seen in the highest resolution possible. 720p just didn’t do the art justice.

Thanks, VG247.

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