You’ll be able to buy FFXIV again later this month

When will Final Fantasy XIV be back on sale? In less than two weeks.

Final Fantasy XIV is back on sale digitally later this month, at last.

A month after Final Fantasy XIV was pulled from sale thanks to the Endwalker expansion being just too darn popular, the team is finally planning to put one of the best MMOs on PC back on sale on digital storefronts – in less than two weeks, in fact.

Back in December the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion finally launched to much acclaim, including from ourselves, with many new and returning players flooding in to the venerable MMO to experience it – so many, in fact, that it caused a lot of server authentication errors and increased queue times to a ridiculous degree.

Things got so bad that Square Enix was forced to suspend sales of Final Fantasy XIV altogether – undoubtedly costing the publisher a lot of new customers in the process. Well, finally producer and director Naoki Yoshida has given a date for the MMO’s return to storefronts: January 25, 2022, at 12 AM PST / 3 AM EST / 8 AM GMT / 5 PM JST.

The team also plans to re-open the Oceania Data Center on the same day with five worlds, and Square Enix is waiving the usual server transfer fee as these will be brand new worlds – so as to encourage players to populate them. A “major server expansion” for North American and European servers is also planned for later this year, so hopefully the server problems last month will finally be in hand.

It seems things are back on track with Final Fantasy XIV once again – even the much-delayed Halloween event is being held, albeit several months late. Fingers crossed that nothing else will go wrong.