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FFXIV modder turns Fat Cat plushie into a mount controller

YouTuber Louis 'Super Louis 64' Hamilton has turned his Fat Cat plushie into a Final Fantasy XIV mount using sensors and an old blanket

FFXIV players ride the fat cat mount

While some Final Fantasy XIV mounts show off a particular feat you’ve accomplished, easier to obtain mounts can be just as popular due to how over the top they are. Take the Fat Cat mount, for example – it’s fat, and it’s a cat. That’s excellent. So tremendous is this mount that Square Enix sells a chonking big plushie version of it on the store, which one fan has now decided to turn into a controller, bringing us full circle.

YouTuber Louis ‘Super Louis 64’ Hamilton explains that the way it all works is pretty simple – his Warrior of Light hops on their mount when he sits on the plushie and then hops off if Hamilton gets off his Fat Cat. If you want to get technical, Hamilton has woven some sensors into a blanket that triggers a macro in the game when he sits on the plushie or gets off of it.

“That’s pretty much it!” he explains on Twitter. “The board is completely open to add joysticks, buttons, and what not if I want it to take it one step further for a Fat Cat battle controller, but we’ll see!”

Here’s the video, if you fancy checking it out:

YouTube Thumbnail

Hamilton has made several FFXIV-related controllers now. The modder ran across Eorzea in two hours using the Ring Fit Adventure controller and hooked up an Xbox Kinect to boogie down while playing the Dancer job. If he wants to take a load off by sitting on a Fat Cat plushie, we think he’s earned it.

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