FFXIV Astrologian and Dragoon reworks delayed to 7.0 release

In a digest of Live Letter 71, a Final Fantasy XIV rep confirms the MMO game’s team are postponing FFXIV Astrologian and Dragoon reworks until next expansion

FFXIV Astrologian and Dragoon reworks delayed until 7.0 - a red-haired Au Ra Astrologian

Players anticipating the FFXIV Astrologian and Dragoon reworks will have to wait a little while longer, as the development team has decided to postpone the major changes until the MMORPG’s next expansion release. Speaking in the digest for Final Fantasy XIV’s Live Letter 71, which also introduced the Island Sanctuary, the team says the changes planned are significant enough that they felt it was best to wait for a major expansion to put them out.

Initially during the Live Letter, FFXIV producer Yoshi-P noted that more work was required for the planned adjustments to both the Astrologian and Dragoon jobs, so they would not be releasing with patch 6.2 as initially suggested. Now the team has confirmed that they plan to hold off until an expansion release – which most likely means the arrival of 7.0 – due to the scale of the reworks.

“Making extensive adjustments to a job on a fundamental level would involve numerous changes,” the team says in its Live Letter LXXI digest. “The sheer number of changes would make it difficult to fully explain our intentions for each one, so we believe we should wait for an expansion release to make adjustments of that scale.”

The team reassures players that both jobs will continue to receive minor adjustments in the meantime, so they won’t be left out in the cold. The post also notes that explanations for 6.2 job adjustments will be released separately from the 6.2 patch notes, so as to clearly explain the intentions behind each change.

FFXIV Patch 6.2, titled Buried Memory, is currently scheduled for late August. The multiplayer game’s community recently rallied together to honour the work of series composer Masayoshi Soken with a 1,000-player choir singing Close in the Distance. PCGamesN also spoke to Yoshi-P about accessibility in Final Fantasy XIV and how the team tries to make the game playable by as wide an audience as possible.