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FFXIV gets butt-buffing pants and dance poles

FFXIV's latest patch makes turning player houses into strip clubs even easier

FFXIV characters wearing the new craftable gear in patch 6.05

Final Fantasy XIV‘s latest update has landed, and the 6.05 patch notes introduce a selection of job changes alongside new content like the Savage Pandaemonium raid. But there are a few, erm, unadvertised additions in 6.05, too, including pants that make your butt more shapely and a pole. Like, you know, the kind of pole you dance on.

The patch notes do say that “new prizes are available for purchase using MGP”, but it’s actually just one item: the dance pole, a furnishing item. As the description notes, “even seasoned adventurers may find that sensually swivelling upon this pole proves a challenge to their balance and brawn alike”. Sadly, it seems you can’t actually interact with the pole, but I guess you can always do a /beesknees near it.

Then there are the hose of happiness, a new craftable set of pants that add a bit of volume to your character’s butt. There are a number of clothing items in FFXIV that make subtle adjustments to your character model, but it’s especially pronounced here – the effect is basically the same as the 2B leggings, just without requiring you to run around in a thong. And, fabulously, it appears the butt buff applies to male characters, too.

Just remember FFXIV director Naoki Yoshida’s wisdom: ERP is a-okay as long as it’s private and consenting.

The new map reward pants add a butt volume to your character from ffxiv

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