Final Fantasy XIV patch fixes low-poly grapes, much to the dismay of fans

"Remember us. Remember that we once lived."

A much-memed-upon set of grapes in FFXIV Endwalker

It’s been a tough month for Final Fantasy XIV fans. While the Endwalker expansion has launched to universal praise, the ensuing server congestion has led to digital sales and the much-memed-upon free trial being temporarily pulled. Not long after one meme fell, though, has another now joined it: Square Enix has fixed Endwalker’s low-poly grapes.

In FFXIV’s 6.01 patch notes, the developer explains that Labyrinthos’ grapes were looking a tad blocky as the polygon count was lowered to alleviate system memory usage in the area. While that’s certainly appreciated, it meant that Labyrinthos’ grapes didn’t look quite as nice as those found in the Crystarium. That just won’t do, you see, so Square Enix has bought graphical parity to both sets of fruit.

It’s been a tough one for the community. The purple slab of grape became a beloved community meme for both those who managed to get into Endwalker and others who were scouring Reddit while sitting in the queue. One meme imagines the low-poly grapes as Hydaelyn’s crystal form, whereas another imagines it as an orb truly worth pondering. To think, you might’ve even be able to taste the low-poly count if things hadn’t changed.

But hey, on the bright side, when one meme falls, another takes its place. The FFXIV subreddit is now stuffed with more memes in memory of the grapes, which might keep you entertained while you sit in the queue to get into Endwalker.

Gone too soon. from ffxiv

I saw the grapes have been updated from ffxiv

Massive graphical upgrape from ffxiv

Right. Anyway. Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 6.01 patch is now here, which means the normal version of the Pandaemonium raid is out. The Savage version of the raid will come later, though this will be good practice for you while you wait.

We’ve been enjoying our time with the new expansion so far, giving the expansion a nine-out-of-ten score in our FFXIV Endwalker review. Mind you, we did give out that score before the devs fixed the grapes.

Image credit: Sleepy Moogle / Twitter