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FFXIV is getting a round of fixes for Endwalker login errors this week

"We deeply apologise for this but ask for your cooperation as we address these server errors"

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion is here, though oodles of players haven’t been able to try it. Since early access launched last week, the MMORPG has seen record levels of players trying to squeeze in so they can tootle off to the moon. While some people have logged some decent playtime, others have been error coded to the back of the queue before getting onto their server.

Coinciding with the full release of Endwalker, producer and director Naoki Yoshida has delivered an update on where the team is at with identifying and fixing various errors that are stopping people from logging in.

Yoshida shares that FFXIV is getting lobby server maintenance “at the earliest timing possible”, though it’ll only last 30 minutes and won’t affect people who are signed in. The MMO is also getting some world maintenance tomorrow (December 8) that’ll last for four hours, which will require all the servers to go offline. So, essentially, you’re going to be taking a break. “We deeply apologise for this but ask for your cooperation as we address these server errors,” Yoshida says. “The exact maintenance times will be shared in an upcoming announcement.”

So what are these pesky login errors, anyway? We’ve already gone in-depth on FFXIV error 2002, though Yoshida adds that the team is deploying an update that’ll raise the capacity for maximum players in a single queue to 21,000 from 17,000. This one won’t require maintenance, so the team aims to deploy it outside of peak hours, which will be around night time in Japan later today (December 7).

Error 4004, meanwhile, happens when the game tries to let 100 players into the server but fails due to “certain conditions” coinciding with servers experiencing extremely high loads. Yoshida recognises that this is one of the more annoying issues you’ll face, as you’ll wait for hours in a queue before being pushed out when you’re close to the front of it.

Yoshida says the team has a fix, though they’re still testing to see if everything works. There’s a chance that the issue will need more tweaks to solve the problem entirely, but the team’s next go at it will be deployed during the lobby server maintenance we mentioned earlier.

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Finally, error 3001 happens because the login cap exceeds its capacity on certain worlds. Yoshida says a fix is underway and that the team hopes to deploy it in the world maintenance scheduled for tomorrow. The team has yet to determine the full details, though, so sit tight.

While these steps should help FFXIV’s congestion issue though, it’s unlikely to solve them entirely. As Yoshida told us in a previous interview, preventing login waits would require more servers which Square Enix can’t really acquire right now due to the effects of COVID-19 on manufacturing.

If you want to get an idea of how popular Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion has been, the MMO has smashed its all-time Steam player record and doubled it in six months. Square Enix has also confirmed in a recent livestream that FFXIV now has 25 million registered players. While the wait is far from ideal, Yoshida has confirmed that you’ll get a free FFXIV week to make up for the time you’ve not been able to play.

If you’re looking to do some reading while you wait to play Endwalker, our guides team are working on updating our FFXIV Reaper and FFXIV Sage job guides. That’s, uh, conditional on them being able to log in, of course.