FFXIV’s gathering jobs are changing to reel in inventory bloat

FFXIV is losing most of its HQ items to give you back some inventory space

Riding a chocobo along a forest path in Final Fantasy XIV

Your Final Fantasy XIV inventory is full. Chocobo saddlebags? Full. Armoury chest? Full. Retainer inventories? Full. There’s no escaping it. Once you’ve played FFXIV long enough, every inventory option you’ve got will be stuffed to bursting. The devs are making some changes to help address that for Endwalker, so say goodbye to a whole lot of HQ item types.

As of the 6.0 patch for Endwalker, you will no longer get HQ versions of gathered items, enemy drops, token exchange materials, and certain non-craftable materials. (You’ll still be able to craft HQ items and collect HQ gear, however.) That naturally means that quests, challenges, and achievements will be adjusted for the new item distribution.

This also means that certain actions and attributes will be adjusted for gathering classes, since you’ll no longer need to worry about gathering HQ materials. Instead, those actions will allow you to gather more of the items in question. Fishers will have a “different parameter” for these abilities to effect, as the devs say in the recent Live Letter – it seems they’re still deciding what to do here, but it may affect the size of your catches.

We’ll learn more about these changes in the next Live Letter on November 5, which will focus in greater detail on what to expect from crafting and gathering in Endwalker.

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The Endwalker release date is set for November, so get your inventories prepared.