FFXIV patch 6.1 releases in mid-April

Final Fantasy XIV's next update is called Newfound Adventure, and we know have a better idea of what it all brings

Tataru sits with the Warrior of Light in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV’s next big update is called Newfound Adventure, and it’s releasing in mid-April. The new titbits of information on FFXIV patch 6.1 come from the latest Live Letter from the Producer stream, where director Naoki Yoshida adds to what was previously revealed last month.

We see some artwork for the upcoming release during the stream that features the default Warrior of Light venturing out on a new journey. Yoshida explains that the team wanted the imagery to convey that we’re going back to being an “adventurer”, tossing in a joke that we won’t be getting any new jobs – sorry, folks. While the Hydaelyn Zodiark arc wrapped up with Endwalker, there will be some form of continuation, even if we are starting something new. Square Enix didn’t reveal anything more, though we did get a picture of Tataru sitting down with some lovely tea and muffins.

Yoshida also offers more side-content details for the FFXIV 6.1 patch cycle. We’re getting additional role quests and a new beast tribe that will come in patch 6.15. The latter will involve completing two quests in Thavnair, though it’ll arrive before the developers ditch the ‘beast’ terminology in patch 6.2.

Hildibrand Manderville’s new line of quests will return in patch 6.15, which Yoshida revealed alongside an image of Hildibrand stuck in some Lakeland turf. It looks like Hildibrand’s next adventure is on The First, then.

FFXIV’s jobs are also getting more adjustments, though you’ll have to wait for the next Live Letter stream for more on that. Other highlights include another peep at the upcoming Myths of the Realm alliance raid, a new ultimate duty called Dragonsong’s Reprise that features Nidhogg and Hraesvelgr, and an in-game glossary of characters and terms called the Unending Codex.

You can catch the full stream below, which features English text on the slides:

YouTube Thumbnail

You can find all the confirmed features for the FFXIV patch 6.1 series at the link. While we didn’t see everything during Live Letter 69 – nice – we’ll be getting another broadcast soon.

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