You can now pay $7 USD to be a mime in Final Fantasy XIV

Forget Endwalker, FFXIV just got mime DLC

A Final Fantasy XIV character makes use of the new pantomime emote

Being a legendary hero? A slayer of dragons, an expert mage, a disciplined fighter? A fashion icon? A renowned smith? All old news. The new dream for Final Fantasy XIV players is becoming a mime. It’s not even a job, so you don’t have to grind to do it well – all you need to do is pay $7 USD over on the online store.

We wouldn’t generally draw your attention to a paid cosmetic like this with a dedicated news story, but the animation work on the new Pantomime emote is just too good not to share. The showcase video video is impressive enough on its own. The box work! The jumps! The pratfall! 30 consecutive seconds of miming action!

As the official description suggests, this is “the quintessential act for any mime worth their salt! Become the entertainer you’ve always dreamed you could be with the pantomime act, and make any audience roar with laughter all without making a sound!”

So yeah, Reaper and Sage look cool, but when are we getting that mime job?

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How else are you going to escape through walls?

I’ve been waiting for this new emote to arrive! So flashy, perfect for a BLU. from ffxiv

The Endwalker release date is coming in November.