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GabeN burned out on WoW, so he’s playing FFXIV on Steam Deck

GabeN is playing FFXIV on Steam Deck because his son asked him to be a "minion"

The Steam Deck is finally here, and we all want to know one thing: What’s Gabe Newell playing on it? Valve’s big boss has been giving out plenty of interviews ahead of the Deck’s launch, and GabeN says he’s been pouring the hours in on the critically-acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.

“One of my sons got into Final Fantasy,” Newell tells IGN. “I sorta got burned out on World of Warcraft. It got to the point where they’d introduce a new level cap, and I’d be like ‘ah!’ and I’d start playing for about ten minutes and my brain would melt down. So I haven’t played an MMO for a while, but one of my sons was into Final Fantasy. And he was mad at the people he’d go raiding with, so he was like ‘Okay, I need a minion. Dad, come be my minion. Be my healer who doesn’t let me die when I’m tanking.’ So I started playing with him, and then I’ve been playing a ton of it on the Deck.”

FFXIV might just be the best choice for MMO gaming on the Steam Deck, given the game’s robust controller support, and long history of playability on console platforms. Excellent choice, Gabe. (And Gabe’s son.)

You can hear GabeN’s comments for yourself below. The FFXIV anecdotes starts at the 3:24 mark.

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The Steam Deck release date is upon us, and you can find out a whole lot more about the hardware at that link.