FFXIV teleports are getting more expensive

It won't be cheap to fast travel to the moon in FFXIV Endwalker

An aetheryte crystal in Final Fantasy XIV

“I would like for you to make sure you’re seated,” FFXIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida said ahead of the recent Live Letter’s biggest bombshell announcement. “Just be calm when you hear this.” Are you ready? Teleportation fees are getting changed, and the 999 gil cap will be removed as of the 6.0 Endwalker update.

Teleportation fees will still be calculated according to distance between teleportation points, but that formula is getting tweaked. Some teleports may be cheaper than they previously were, but longer-distance transportation will now be able to exceed 999 gil. This is a change intended to lay the foundation for further expansion, and given the fact that we’ve been teleporting between continents, dimensions, and soon between astrological bodies, this has probably been a long time coming.

Teleportation tickets will be adjusted in view of these changes, too. You’ll have different types of teleportation tickets, and some will be limited by range. With a bit more expense involved in getting around, Yoshida recommends you make smart use of your free destination and home point to relay you to locations that would otherwise be more expensive to reach.

The Aethernet UI is also changing. When you use the free teleports within a city, you’ll now see a minimap indicating where each teleport point is actually located – so you no longer have to memorise the names of, say, the markets, or your next quest location.

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You can see the new systems in detail above, starting at the 6:06:35 mark. The Endwalker release date is set for November, so you’ve got some time to start saving up for your travel expenses.