Final Fantasy 14’s toughest raid boss rips through the sky to fight you

FFXIV Stormblood

One of Final Fantasy 14’s bosses gets a surprise interruption from something bigger, badder, and exponentially more cool in the game’s newest raid. If you want to see it for yourself, stop reading and go play Deltascape on Savage. 

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You’ll find things much more difficult in this version of the Deltascape raid. Things really heat up when you come up against the boss, Exdeath, however. Usually it’s a fight to the death, but halfway through this battle he’s unceremoniously pulled into the void.

A new beast suddenly enters the fray, and he knows exactly how to make an impression, ripping through the sky to get to you and your party. Here’s a video:

The new enemy is called Neo Exdeath, and is essentially phase two of the creature players fought before. He’s much bigger, badder, and imposing than the first fella, though.