Final Fantasy 14 Patch 3.1 trailer shows off new raid, dungeons, missions and RTS mode


Final Fantasy 14’s next patch has been detailed for release on November 10th. Slightly dramatically titled As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness, it features content for all players including dungeons, areas to explore, additional quests in the main storyline and an entire new raid called Void Ark set on a giant airship packed with dark beasties. There’s a seven minute trailer detailing all that, plus midget afros.

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A little too late for halloween, the Void Ark is a haunted ghostship that will take 24 people to tackle. Sky pirates are sending you to it so that the dark magic it’s infested with can’t spread. Based on screenshots, you’ll be battling demons of all sorts, including a remarkably familiar looking Diablo, of FF8 summon fame.

Players who like to move in groups have futher goodies on the way in the form of two new high-level dungeons. Those who prefer to go it alone have the new main scenario quests to look forward to, while also digging out great gear on far away islands in new missions.

Weirdest of all is the RTS mode that is being added to the Golden Saucer, FF14’s mini-game hub. It will allow players to battle their minions against each other in 1v1. It looks and sounds mad, fun and well out of the regular MMO formula. I want to try it.

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