Final Fantasy 14 patch 3.2 ushers in the Gears of Change

FF14 gears of change

The next major content patch is coming to Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, titled the Gears of Change. It adds something for everyone, from new dungeons, to larger challenges, to noobie-friendly zones and new training companions. They’ve even made it so higher-level players can help their lowbie friends through the games systems with a new Mentor program.

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All that and much more in the latest, lengthy trailer:

Not to let the aura of expertise slide, but without much time invested in the game, not a lot of this is decipherable to me. Thankfully Square have also made an update post available that’s slowly explaining all the features. So far, they are:

  • Hildibrand Adventures side quests, featuring the be-monacled fellow you see above.
  • A new raid, Alexander: Midas, set inside a great steel titan.
  • Stone, Sky, Sea, a new training area.
  • Beast Tribe quests add to the game, seemingly involving a lot of flying around on giant insects.
  • A pair of new dungeons, including the upside-down Antitower.

And a load more that hasn’t been fully revealed yet. the patch comes out in just under a couple of weeks, on the 23rd of February.