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With a population of ten million, Final Fantasy 14 is the world’s 89th-biggest country

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood

There’s a tendency for some to view the world of MMOs as World of Warcraft and then the rest – but that would be a mistake. Publishers Square Enix have just announced that Final Fantasy 14 has passed ten million registered accounts.

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This means accounts created since the game launched, and Square Enix are counting free trial players as well, so these customers aren’t all active and nor are they all paying. (By the way, that trial is still live – a free trip to Eorzea is yours if you’d like to clickhere.)

It’s still pretty impressive, but it’s probably premature to crown a new monarch of MMOs; World of Warcraft has passed 100 million accounts created since its launch in 2004, twelve million of which were actually active players at its peak in 2010. Though Blizzard’s last statement of active players – back in 2015 – indicated a slump to 5.5 million, the excellent Legion expansion has likely sparked a comeback; Blizzard quashed rumours of a rally to ten million last year.

Counting accounts as people, ten million would make Final Fantasy XIV the world’s 89th most-populous country, sliding between Portugal and Azerbaijan. More people live in its world of Eorzea than in both Scotland and Wales combined.

Square Enix attribute the milestone to a robust content schedule – it coincides with the release of patch 4.06 and the start of Eorzea’s annual Moonfire Faire seasonal event. FF14 also got its second major expansion, Stormblood, in June.