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Final Fantasy XIV 3.05 adds a new Savage raid, more PvP and more currency to spend

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward 3.05

Final Fantasy XIV has been beefed up with a new Heavensward patch today. Path 3.05 sees the last bit of endgame content and a new PvP encounter get slotted in, along with a slew of new items and tweaks.

The Alexander raid now has a Savage version for bold groups, a new sidequest, A Song of Steam and Steal, has popped up, and if you’d rather hit other players instead of monsters, there’s the Seal Rock PvP encounter that’s been added to Frontline. The PvP ranks go up to 50 now, too.

Allagan tomestones of esoterics, the new capped currency, has also been added to the game, along with new elite marks. You’ll be able to get 450 tombstones a week, up to 2000, and you’ll need to be level 60 to get them.

Take a gander at the patch notes here.

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