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Final Fantasy XIV Mac sales suspended after minimum requirements mix-up

Mac FFXIV update

Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix have stopped selling the new Mac version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the MMO we found so delectable on Windows. Buyers have complained that it’s been running rather badly on their systems, and the publisher agrees – offering refunds and apologies.

A perfect storm of pre-release mishaps is reportedly to blame.

“I believe that the biggest problem with the Mac version release was the significant discrepancy between the performance of the product our development team produced and the expectations our customers had for it,” wrote Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida on Friday.

Simply put, Square Enix’s system requirements didn’t reflect the game players tried to boot up on their Macs on June 23rd. The Final Fantasy XIV team had been working to improve the client’s performance right up until release, and so held back minimum requirements until they were certain the details wouldn’t change.

Several versions of the requirements were prepped – but in the chaos leading up to the release of Heavensward, Squeenix accidentally released the wrong one, featuring old specs.

“I sincerely apologize to you all,” said Yoshida. “Had we provided accurate information beforehand, I know many of you would not have purchased the Mac version, which is why we decided to offer full refunds.”

The error was compounded by a “great many mistakes” – including a miscommunication with retailers that saw some players download a buggier pre-release build before Squeenix had finished their maintenance.

An announcement is coming with comprehensive information on the Mac version’s requirements and screen resolution. Only then, when would-be players are “adequately informed”, will the game return to sale. Refunds are available through the stores on which the game was purchased.

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