Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.4 will bring Shiva, a naked guy and some glasses to Eorzea

Final Fantasy XIV 2.4

Final Fantasy XIV is about be hit with a big ol’ patch; one so large that it requires an eight minute trailer to get through the highlights. There’s quite a lot to get through. 

Take a gander at the preview below. 

There are no patch notes yet, but using my eyes, I was able to glean some of the most important things coming with Dreams of Ice.

  • A big, glowing woman
  • Criminals
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • A naked man
  • Glasses
  • People pretending to talk
  • Chilly dungeons
  • Big lovely dogs
  • A dungeon that is now hard
  • Another dungeon is that is also now hard
  • Bahamut’s Final Coil (it’s always in the last place you look)
  • Robot hydra!
  • Stories