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Return to the Great Gubal Library when patch 3.4 for Final Fantasy XIV goes live September 27

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4

Libraries are usually quiet places of learning, not dangerous places filled with monsters from the void. Final Fantasy XIV players are going to need more than a library card when the hard version of the Great Gubal Library opens up on September 27, when patch 3.4 goes live.

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Alongside the more challenging version of this particular dungeon, patch 3.4 adds a brand new dungeon called Xelphatol. This sees players rushing to stop the Ixal tribe from summoning the primal Garuda to strike down their enemies. This dungeon is located in the shadow of the First Mountain and will be for level 60 players.

There are also more adventures with the roving inspector Hildbrand and a new quest line with Saint Endalim’s Scholasticate which has players working with the Warrior of Light to find a missing student. If you are in the mood for pleasure rather than work, this new patch adds an exclusive battlehall at the Gold Saucer for Triple Triad, where players can show off their deck building skills against others from all over the realm.

You can also buy three weekly tickets for the Jumbo Cactpot, giving players extra chances to win that massive Gil prize. The Lord of Verminion mini-game has also been added to the Duty Finder, allowing players to battle their minions with others at the touch of a button. September 27 is the day to mark on your calendars, a trailer is in bound and check out the dedicated FFXIV fansite for more details on this patch.