Here are the Final Fantasy XIV quests you need to complete before patch 5.3

FFXIV patch 5.3 adds some new main story quest requirements - here's what you need to do

Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.3 is finally coming soon, and with it, a big revamp for A Realm Reborn’s main story. The devs announced ages ago that patch 5.3 would make the Crystal Tower raids a requirement for completing the main story quests, and now we’ve got a bit more detail on how the requirement will be put into place.

Access to the new main story quests introduced in patch 5.3 will be blocked until you complete the Crystal Tower quest series. If you haven’t embarked on those quests yet, you’ll start with Legacy of Allag in Mor Dhona, which is unlocked late in the ARR main story. From there, just follow the quest chain and complete the raids – the duty finder should make that pretty simple. Once you’ve turned in The Light of Hope, you’ll be able to jump into the new content.

Since Shadowbringers, the content of the Crystal Tower series has been getting increasingly serious callbacks in new main story content. It seems we’re finally at a point where the devs have decided those references are too specific for players to be out of the loop on.

You’ll also be required to complete the My Little Chocobo quest before jumping into the 5.3 story. I’m not 100% sure how you could get to endgame content without ever picking up your mount, but if that’s you, head to the city representing your Grand Company to get started on it.

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The beloved MMORPG has been the subject of plenty of news heading into the Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.3 release date on August 11. The free trial has been expanded up to level 60, the player count has reached 20 million, and there will be no butt sliders until we’re all running FF14 on supercomputers.