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One easily missed FF14 Dawntrail quest is the best in the expansion

When you've been playing through FF14 Dawntrail you likely missed Cornservant, the character who gives you the best quest in the expansion.

A miqo'te sitting with the Cornservant minion

FF14 Dawntrail‘s new area, Tural, is a sprawling one, filled with many cultures, a variety of yummy foods, and plenty of sights to see. Hidden away on the docks of Tuliyollal, there is one small figure waiting among the busy markets of Tural, and they have sensed that there are hungry bellies throughout the land that begged to be filled. But, what accessible and variable food can be concocted to serve the needs of many people with just one ingredient? Cornservant has some ideas.

There is a void in the stomachs of the Turali people. A hunger that one being desires to sate with the greatest vegetable to exist in the MMO: Corn.

Final Fantasy 14‘s Dawntrail introduced a new, meaty story that takes players to an area full of diverse cultures, food, and beautiful landscapes. The large majority of players will experience the Dawntrail MSQ and then move on to end-game activities such as Extreme Trials, trying out Viper and Pictomancer, getting the best-in-dlot gear, collecting all the FF14 Dawntrail Aether Currents, and more.

But one quest remains a missed golden opportunity for those that pass it. Hidden among the smattering of yellow, sometimes meaningless side quests, is the best story Dawntrail has to offer, and it’s all centered around corn. This quest introduces Cornservant, a small corn-looking being who speaks in an old-English style and desires nothing but filling empty bellies with all manner of corn.

One easily missed FF14 Dawntrail quest is the best in the expansion: A miqo'te fawning over Cornservant

The Cornservant questline is akin to the humor and entertainment players got out of the Hildibrand questline, although it wasn’t half as long. Each one is just long enough for players to enjoy a kernel of fun while adventuring in Tural.

Cornservant’s quests showed up once per zone, and I was constantly looking for the little vegetable figure. The moment I found it, it didn’t matter where I was in MSQ – I ditched Wuk Lamat instantly for the real star of Dawntrail.

Each time, I wondered what corny jokes it’d tell, or what corn-based dish it was going to serve up to the next hungry person. The old English manner of speaking combined with as many corn puns as the writers could pack into each short quest had me wishing Cornservant was our chosen Promise for Dawnservant. Sorry, Wuk Lamat!

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At the end of the questline, Cornservant gets a concrete ending, and players are awarded with the Cornservant minion reminiscent of the little spirit they’ve helped. While this questline is short-lived, it was one of the best I’ve found in Dawntrail, and even borders on one of the best I’ve ever played in FF14.

Admittedly, this questline was made much better by my partner doing a dramatic reading of Cornservant’s lines, so pick the best voice actor in your friend group for the funniest experience. After getting your Cornservant minion, be aware that people may ask why you’re talking to an ear of corn. Don’t pay any mind to them, they just don’t understand the power of corn.

Whether it’s the minion you’re after or you want to see what all the hype is about from this corn-shaped spirit, the quest begins in Tulioyllal at X: 16.4, Y: 12.8). Don’t let Cornservant wait too long, lest it turn into popcorn in the hot Turali sun!

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