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Please don’t spoil FF14 Dawntrail, Square Enix asks

Square Enix doesn't want anyone spoiling the Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail story during early access, even if you can post whatever you want.

Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail spoilers

Square Enix is asking that you don’t spoil Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail during the early access launch, and I couldn’t agree more. With four days between the pre-order early access opening and the proper launch of the expansion, there are not going to be any restrictions on what we can all share, but it still pays to be mindful in a situation like this.

The Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail release date is so close now, so let’s not spoil it for everyone once it gets here. With just a few days to go until early access, the new Pictomancer and Viper jobs, the race of female Hrothgar, and the new region of Tural are almost here. Final Fantasy 14 is about to get a whole lot bigger, and Square Enix doesn’t want anyone spoiling it.

“During the early access period, there will be no restrictions on what content you can discuss, post, or stream while following the Material Usage License Agreement,” Square Enix says of the MMORPG. “However, we ask that early access users please be considerate and do their best to avoid posting spoiler-related content as there are those players who may start at the official launch or play at their own pace.”

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With plenty of reasons to cry in Dawntrail’s story, despite the fun holiday vibes Tural is giving off, it’d be a massive shame if early players just took to the forums, X, or Reddit and gave no warning for spoilers. I’m only in Shadowbringers right now, and while the statute of limitations on the story of a 2019 expansion has clearly passed me by, I still run into spoilers. I’d hate for new players to be midway through the MSQ, only for massive spoilers to be all over their timeline.

The FF14 community has largely been a positive one to get involved with in my experience, so we likely don’t have too much to worry about. The helpful advice during dungeons and playful banter around Limsa has always struck me as welcoming, so here’s hoping that extends to Dawntrail. So, let’s all take Square Enix’s advice, yeah?

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