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FF14 Dawntrail free game time is coming for all subscribers

Despite a relatively smooth launch for FF14 Dawntrail, director Naoki Yoshida confirms free game time is going out to all players soon.

FF14 Dawntrail free game time given to all players after MMORPG's launch issues - A red-haired Au Ra with blue horns.

By all accounts, the FF14 Dawntrail launch has been far smoother than Endwalker. Aside from day one, I’ve had almost no login queues at any time of day, and the overall experience has been pretty smooth. However, it wasn’t without flaws, and due to issues on both console versions Square Enix is preparing to hand out free game time for Final Fantasy 14 to all players with a subscription, regardless of which platform you play on.

Final Fantasy 14 game director Naoki Yoshida, best known as ‘Yoshi-P’ by the player base, writes another message to thank players for playing the Dawntrail launch, following the reveal of the first FF14 Dawntrail job changes. He notes that despite queues on some servers, players have been good at using the world visit and data center travel systems to ease congestion, resulting in “a very stable overall experience” for the MMORPG.

The most affected players are those on Xbox Series X and S, who have been troubled by crashes when transitioning between areas. These are still ongoing, with Yoshida describing it as a “top priority fix” that is being addressed by the game’s engineers. PlayStation players also ran into login issues related to PlayStation Network.

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If you have an active subscription to Final Fantasy 14 as of Thursday July 4 at 10:30pm PT (Friday July 5 at 1:30am ET / 6:30am BST / 7:30am CEST), you’ll be granted two days of free game time. Players who have also registered the full version of the game on Xbox will also get an additional eight days of game time, for a total of ten. This will also include a simultaneous extension for any other FF14 subscriptions such as extra retainers.

Yoshida says that the game time will be granted from Wednesday July 10, although notes it may take two to three days to roll out the free game time to all players. “Once again, I’d like to apologize for the issues that have occurred and thank you all for your cooperation in easing congestion,” he concludes. “We will be fixing/addressing the aforementioned issues as a top priority. I hope you’ll continue supporting us in Final Fantasy 14.”

If you’re playing, make sure you don’t miss out on claiming your FF14 Dawntrail free Fantasia. You can also check out our FF14 Dawntrail job guides to the new Viper and Pictomancer classes if you’re picking them up for the first time.

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