FFXIV Shadowbringers Aether Currents locations: how to fly on mounts in the new areas

You’ll need to find all 15 of this ethereal collectables in each zone to fly through Shadowbringers. Here’s where they are

Final Fantasy XIV Aether Currents allow you to soar through the skies of Eorzea and Hydealyn with a flying mount of your choice to let you lord it over your puny land-based compatriots. There really is no finer way to drink in the stupendous vistas of one of the best MMOs on PC than amid its beautifully fluffy clouds.

The trouble is, that’s a privilege you’re going to have to earn. With the exception of Azys Lla, each zone has 15 FFXIV Aether Currents that need to be collected before you can fly Shadowbringers mounts in that corresponding area. These items can be picked up in fixed locations in each zone, but they are also offered as a reward for completing specific quests.

Another method when it comes to how to unlock flying in Shadowbringers is to equip the Aether Compass. This Key Item tells you the direction and the distance away the nearest Aether Current in FF14 is. That said, why would you need such a device when you’ve found the article version of it right here. So let’s get started, here’s where to find all FFXIV Aether Currents locations in Shadowbringers.

All FFXIV Shadowbringers Aether Currents locations

The new zones for the third expansion – now that the FFXIV Shadowbringers release date is finally here – are Lakeland, Amh Araeng, Il Mheg, Kholusia, and The Rak’Tika Greatwood. When it comes to mission rewards, you’ll need to plug through some Main Scenario Quests (MSQs) – one of the best ways you quickly grind if you’re right level, as you’ll find in our FFXIV leveling guide.

This information comes courtesy of redditor u/Puffdamagicmonkey, so we’re very thankful to them. Below you’ll find where and how to get each collectable with the coordinates of the item, or of the NPC that proffers you the quest. This is a work-in-progress guide, and we’ll be updating it in due course.

Here are all FF14 Aether Currents by zone:

Amh Araeng

Location Notes
X 29.8, Y 10.4, Z 0.5 North of The Crystarium’s bridge
X 30.7, Y 15.3, Z 0.5 In a large rib cage
X 30.9, Y 21.5, Z 0.9
 X 28.3, Y 32.2, Z 0.5 South of Journey’s Head Inn
 X 24.7, Y 28.0, Z 0.4 On the railway track
X 21.0, Y 9.0, Z 1.7  On a building in Mount Biron Mines
 X 14.5, Y 16.7, Z 1.6 In The Ladle
 X 23.9, Y 17.5, Z 1.4 Behind The Rack
 X 24.4, Y 35.4, Z 0.5 On The Pristine Palace map marker
X 26.8, Y 18.5, Z 1.2 Ghen Ghen: ‘Work to Live to Work’ SQ
X 13.0, Y 16.9, Z 1.4 Quick-witted Scavenger: ‘Scavengers Assemble’ SQ
X 11.8, Y 17.4, Z 1.6 Sveinn: ‘Charmless Man’ SQ
X 11.3, Y 17.5, Z 1.6 Horthur: ‘A Vein Pursuit’ SQ
X 15.8, Y 29.1, Z 0.5 Ryne: ‘A Fresh Start’ MSQ


 Location Notes
X 34.4, Y 32.6, Z 0.0 Near a boat at the end of a pier
X 35.0, Y 24.1, Z 0.4 North of Stilltide
X 23.8, Y 36.7, Z 0.5 On a hill behind the houses of Gatetown
X 17.6, Y 37.1, Z 0.1 At base of Seagazer Lighthouse
X 7.6, Y 34.0, Z -0.1 Between Barrow Island and Whisperwind Cove
X 11.0, Y 21.2, Z 3.2 On Top Rung cliff
X 20.2, Y 21.1, Z 3.4 On a rock mound
X 18.9, Y 13.4, Z 3.9 On a rocky outcrop
X 34.1, Y 17.2, Z 3.1  On a ledge in Wet Whistle
X 34.7, Y 9.7, Z 2.7  Between The Duergar’s Tewel Geysers
X 15.3, Y 28.7, Z 0.2 Eueliss: ‘Village of Woe’ SQ
 X 15.2, Y 29.6, Z 0.1 Thenoise: ‘A Plankless Task’ SQ
X 12.4, Y 9.2, Z 4.1 Beott: ‘A Disagreeable Dwarf’ SQ
X 18.8, Y 17.9, Z 3.5 Zumie-Shai: ‘Fugitive of Fear’ SQ
X 18.6, Y 17.7, Z 3.5  Chai-Nuzz: ‘Extinguishing the Last Light’ MSQ


 Location  Notes
X 33.6, Y 10.4, Z 0.5 Top of The Accensor Gate stairs
X 30.1, Y 24.0, Z 0.1 On the northern edge of the plateau
X 35.5, Y 21.5, Z 0.3 On the wall of the ruined house
X 37.3, Y 21.1, Z 0.3 On a parapet west of Fort Jobb
X 34.6, Y 17.0, Z 0.4 On tip of the plateau
X 32.0, Y 14.6, Z 0.4 West of the Greatwood zone line
X 35.4, Y 11.1, Z 0.8  On a platform next to a lumber pile
X 18.6, Y 18.4, Z 0.1 North side of Radisca’s Round
X 9.4, Y 17.7, Z 0.5 On a ledge in The Ostall Imperative
X 5.7, Y 14.3, Z 1.1 Middle level of The Ostall Imperative keep
X 8.0, Y 17.0, Z 0.5 Sentry Captain: ‘The Astute Amaro’ SQ
X 6.1, Y 15.4, Z 0.6 Seanard: ‘Imperative Repairs’ SQ
X 7.4, Y 14.4, Z 0.6 Teanna: ‘An Unreasonable Request’ SQ
X 12.0, Y 16.4 Heggie: ‘A Jobb Well Done’ SQ
X 8.5, Y 9.7  Szem Djenmai: ‘Logistics of War’ MSQ
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The Rak’tika Greatwood

Location Notes
X 13.4, Y 31.6, Z 0.0 North side of Fort Gohn
X 8.8, Y 32.5, Z 0.1 On top of a swampy tree root
X 19.3, Y 22.6, Z -0.1 At the river’s end
X 9.0, Y 17.9, Z 0.2 Beneath Woven Oath tree roots
X 4.2, Y 25.0, Z 0.0  In the swamp on top of some plants
X 28.2, Y 25.5, Z 0.0 Between Bowrest and The Wild Fete
X 31.7, Y 22.9, Z 0.3 Northwest of Bowrest
X 28.6, Y 15.5, Z -0.1 In the Ox’Dalan Gap
X 26.2, Y 11.8, Z -0.2 In The Morningstars, on a destroyed wall
X 34.5, Y 16.0, Z -0.4 East of Fanow
X 18.8, Y 27.8, Z -0.2 Varthon: ‘What We Do For Family’ SQ
X 19.8, Y 27.5, Z -0.2 Valan: ‘The Great Deceiver’ SQ
X 29.4, Y 17.8, Z 0.2 Haimet: ‘Suit Up’ SQ
X 31.3, Y 16.9, Z -0.1 Lanille: ‘Stand on Ceremony’ SQ
X 30.5, Y 17.4, Z 0.0 Almet: ‘The Burden of Knowledge’ MSQ

Il Mheg

 Location  Notes
X 10.4, Y 34.8, Z 1.3 At the base of the crystal spire
X 10.5, Y 24.8, Z 0.4 Atop the hill
X 16.8, Y 24.7, Z 0.0  On the roof of the house
X 23.1, Y 32.9, Z 0.2  On a giant wooden log
X 14.9, Y 10.2, Z 0.9 Next to the axe-wielding child
X 21.7, Y 4.4, Z 1.1  At the top of the staircase
X 24.1, Y 8.6, Z 0.7 Edge of the rocky area
X 30.1, Y 6.0, Z 0.8  Northeast of the Aetheryte in Wolekdorf
X 25.1, Y 13.0, Z 0.0 Where the two rivers meet
X 20.3, Y 14.9, Z 1.1  Near Lyhe Ghiah’s entrance
X 14.1, Y 32.6, Z 0.6 Lad Kenn: ‘The Forbidden Lran’ SQ
X 9.1, Y 17.1, Z 0.3 Exuberant Pixie: ‘Delightful Decorations’ SQ
X 15.7, Y 30.4, Z 0.4  Ul Thon: ‘The Path to Popularity’ SQ
X 30.2, Y 8.4, Z 0.8 Sandman: ‘A New Amaro’ SQ
X 30.4, Y 7.6, Z 0.8 Seto: ‘Acht-la Ormh Inn’ MSQ

The Tempest

 Location Notes
X 29.2, Y 7.2, Z -1.6
X 33.6, Y 9.4, Z -1.0
X 39.5, Y 16.8, Z -1.7 
X 35.7, Y 23.1, Z -1.5
X 28.2, Y 15.9, Z -2.5 Access from underground path at X 31.3, Y 16.2, Z -2.0)
X 22.8, Y 11.3, Z -1.7
 X 22.3, Y 18.0, Z -3.6 In Caliban Gorge
X 14.5, Y 17.0, Z -4.3 
X 7.0, Y 13.6, Z -4.6
X 5.4, Y 19.4, Z -4.9
X 32.1, Y 16.6, Z -2.0 Naroshs Koal: ‘Koal of the Cups’ SQ
X 9.5, Y 28.2, Z -8.2 Patronising Amaurotine: ‘Community Cohesion’ SQ
X 7.2, Y 31.4, Z -8.0 Loquacious Amaurotine: ‘Debate and Discourse’ SQ
X 13.6, Y 27.6, Z -8.1  Bureau Attendant: ‘Responsible Creation’ SQ
X 8.8, Y 26.5, Z -8.4  Alphinaud: ‘A Greater Purpose’ MSQ

As you can see, there are a fair few of the translucent blighters to grab, and it’ll give you a new appreciation of the sheer scale this third expansion has to offer. If this is all too much to tackle in one go, feel free to bookmark this page and come back to it as and when you need. Equally, you can just select your favourite areas to focus on first and bask in them anew from the air.

And there you are, all FFXIV Aether Currents locations and how to get them. However, your work is far from over when it comes to Shadowbringers: you’ve got plenty of grinding to do to get ready for the FFXIV Shadowbringers YorHA: Dark Apocalypse raid, for example. Also, in The Tempest, you might well be struggling with level 79 quest FFXIV City of the Ancients, so we have some help for you there, too. Oh and, before you say it, those things are ants, your mount just hasn’t left the ground yet.

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