Watch out, FFXIV housing demolition resumes soon

FFXIV housing demolition is being resumed soon, so make sure to log in and visit your free company estate before the timers restart in June and avoid tragedy.

FFXIV housing auto-demolition - a male Viera with white, pink-tipped hair wearing a black and red jacket with gold embroidering. He is standing in front of a house in the MMO's Mist district.

FFXIV housing demolition is returning soon, so make sure to check in with your free company estate and avoid any potential heartbreak. The auto-demolition timers on player housing in the critically acclaimed MMORPG were switched off by FFXIV developer Square Enix in February following devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

The change affects FFXIV’s Chaos and Light data centers, its two European hubs. If you have a character on a world in either of those (that’s basically anyone playing on the European server), you’ll again need to log into your house at least once every 45 days to avoid it being demolished. Only one player in a free company needs to enter the house, but you must go inside – simply logging into the game or visiting the plot won’t count.

As before, you’ll receive an email if you haven’t entered a property in 30 days once timers resume, giving you a warning that your house is scheduled for demolition. If you haven’t entered your estate during the timer suspension period (in this case, that’s since February 9, 2023), you’ll get an email notification warning you of the timer resumption.

If you have entered your estate during the last three months, then the good news is that your timer will already be reset to its maximum count. You will, of course, have to log in periodically from now on – but with FFXIV 6.4 right in the swing of things at the moment, we’re sure you have plenty of reasons to log on at the moment anyway.

FFXIV 6.4 - a Lalafell relaxes in a big chair outside at their Island Sanctary hideout.

FFXIV housing automatic demolition

The FFXIV housing auto-demolition timer will resume on Wednesday, June 21 2023 at the following times:

  • 12am PT
  • 3am ET
  • 8am GMT
  • 9am BST
  • 6pm AEST

The timer will be reset for free company estates that have been entered by a leader or member at least once, and private estates that have been entered by the owner at least once. For players who have not entered their estate during the suspension period, the auto-demolition timer will resume from the time that was remaining as of Thursday, 9 February 2023.

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