FFXIV Little Ladies’ Day 2023 shakes up the catgirl meta

The FFXIV Little Ladies’ Day 2023 promises to change things forever in the streets of Eorzea, as the MMORPG event adds a dance emote for roleplayers everywhere.

FFXIV Little Ladies Day 2023 - Y'shtola Rhul, a Miqo'te, gives a suspicious side-eye

It’s almost FFXIV Little Ladies’ Day 2023, and the next seasonal event for the critically acclaimed MMORPG promises to shake up the AFK catgirl meta dramatically, adding an exciting new tool for roleplayers, partygoers, and fans of general revelry everywhere. Whether you’re busy leveling your alt jobs, playing through the story for the first time, or building out your FFXIV Island Sanctuary, you won’t want to miss this event.

Little Ladies’ Day is, as the name suggests, a celebration of all the wonderful women of Eorzea. This year the event is titled ‘A Dance to Remember,’ and it sounds like the Royal Seneschal is planning a grand dance to put smiles on faces and give everyone a good time. That means you’ll want to put on your best glamour and practise those dance moves – and you’re in luck, as there’s a perfect reward to do just that.

Among the rewards for completing the seasonal event is a new emote, the Little Ladies’ Dance. While we don’t get a look at it in action yet, the preview image and icon make it pretty clear that you’ll make use of a decorative fan as part of the dance – something that seems like the perfect addition to the kit of very AFK Miqo’te in Limsa, and all the roleplayers auditioning to be backup dancers for the local troupe. Move over, The Bee’s Knees!

In addition to this, you’ll get an Orchestrion Roll for Decisions, a tune that’s been used for Little Ladies’ Day events in the past, and a wall-mounted piece of artwork showing a young girl studying at a desk by an open window. It’s a really nice piece that gives off those iconic ‘Lo-fi beats to study and relax to’ vibes, and it’ll certainly find a home on the wall in our free company house.

FFXIV Little Ladies Day 2023 rewards - an Au Ra doing a fan dance, and a poster of a Hyur girl studying at a desk by a Moogle doll

FFXIV Little Ladies’ Day 2023 dates, location, and rewards

The FFXIV Little Ladies’ Day 2023 event takes place March 1-15. You can see the exact dates and times that the event begins and ends in the chart below. To start the event, head to the Royal Seneschal in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (map coordinates x:10.5, y:8.6). You’ll need to be level 15 to begin the event, though this is pretty quick to reach if you’ve just started playing.

Here are the FFXIV Little Ladies’ Day 2023 start and end times:

Time Zone Start Date & Time End Date & Time
US West (PST) March 1 at 12am March 15 at 7:59am
US East (EST) March 1 at 3am March 15 at 10:59am
UK (GMT) March 1 at 8am March 15 at 15:59pm
Europe (CET) March 1 at 9am March 15 at 16:59pm
Australia (AET) March 1 at 7pm March 16 at 2:59am

Here are all the FFXIV Little Ladies’ Day 2023 rewards:

  • Emote – Little Ladies’ Dance
  • Wall-mounted Poster – Lovely LIttle Ladies’ Day Advertisement
  • Orchestrion Roll – Decisions
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You’ll also be able to obtain some items from past iterations of the event at a nearby NPC vendor, although this is typically limited to the likes of celebratory consumables and sometimes small furnishing items. You’ll probably also be able to buy other past rewards from the real-money FFXIV Online Store, should you wish.

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