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Ahead of Shadowbringers, Final Fantasy XIV boasts 16 million players

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood

Final Fantasy XIV is gearing up for its third major expansion later this summer, and ahead of the new content, the game’s audience is bigger than ever. During a livestream last night, the game’s producer and director, Naoki Yoshida, announced that the game now plays host to more than 16 million registered users.

It’s worth pointing out that this number relates to all accounts created since the launch of the game, and is pretty likely to count players who signed up as part of free trials. That means that not all of these players are active (or even paying for the game), but it still shows decent growth – in a little over 18 months, the FFXIV player count has grown by six million, up from ten million in August 2017.

Yesterday’s livestream, however, wasn’t just an excuse to delve deeper into the game’s player-base. Yoshida also revealed more details on upcoming changes to the game’s battle system, updates to the FATE system (as well as side quests and job quests), and rebalancing of jobs and adjustments to job synergy.

Speaking of jobs, you can check out a new video showing off job actions, as well as new abilities for all jobs, below:

Counting accounts as people, ten million would make Final Fantasy XIV the world’s 71st most-populous country, sliding between Zimbabwe and Cambodia.

The Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers release date is July 2, giving you a few more weeks to get ready for the new expansion. When it arrives, it’ll let players travel through the rift between worlds to become Warriors of Darkness. There’ll be new jobs, races, and a new level cap, meaning plenty more to get your teeth into.

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