Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.4 will bring back auto-demolition to housing estates

Square Enix announces Final Fantasy XIV automatic housing demolition will recommence soon

A blog post shared by Square Enix today has revealed auto-demolition of estates in Final Fantasy XIV will start up again with the release of Patch 5.4. However, the developer has let fans know auto-demolitions may get suspended again if the need arises. The suspension began back in March to help players out following the “economical effects of various cities going into lockdown” during the outbreak of COVID-19.

The timer placed on auto-demolitions may reset in certain circumstances depending on how you have used your housing during the suspension period, the studio explains in the post. The timer will be reset for free company estates that have been entered at least once during the suspension. However, the timer will resume from the time remaining as of March 26, 2020, at 08:10 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:10 GMT for players that have not entered their estates during the suspension period.

The exact date and time for the release of patch 5.4 has not been revealed yet, but you can expect it to drop sometime in December according to the blog post shared by Square Enix earlier this year. All free company estate owners, their free company members, and private estate owners will receive an email notification regarding demolition.

Housing availability in the MMORPG game has been extremely limited with the suspension of auto-demolition and influx of new players that came along with the free trial. However, the developers have said they plan on addressing the issue with Patch 5.4.

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