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Here’s how to unlock Blue Mage in Final Fantasy XIV

The new Blue Mage job has a single-player focus, so here's how to unlock it if playing solo is your bag

FFXIV how to unlock Blue Mage

January 15, 2019 The Blue Mage job is now live in the game as part of patch 4.5, A Requiem for Heroes. Here are the unlock requirements you need to satisfy to play the new limited job.

How do I unlock the Blue Mage in Final Fantasy XIV? Without doubt the biggest announcement that fans enjoyed at Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest in Las Vegas last year was the news that not only that “multiple new jobs” are on their way to the game, but we’d be getting one before the major 5.0 expansion, Shadowbringers.

That, of course, is Blue Mage, the single-player-focused job coming to the game during the second part of the upcoming 4.5 patch – which is live in the game now. Just in case you missed the event’s keynote address and the ‘Letter from the Producer’ special preview that came the following day, here are the core details.

The Blue Mage is the first “limited job” coming to Final Fantasy XIV, which means the Blue Mage is designed for solo play. You’ll start at level 1, but you’ll only be able to level your character up to the cap of level 50, until that’s increased through Shadowbringers patches. That said, levelling will be secondary to learning actions from monsters. Regardless, if that piques your interest, here’s how to unlock the Blue Mage in Final Fantasy XIV.

how to unlock blue mage

If you’re intrigued by the new “limited job” coming to FFXIV, you’ll need to satisfy a few requirements before you can get cracking with some monster slayin’. Here are the Blue Mage unlock requirements:

  • You must have a Disciple of War or Magic level 50
  • Your 2.0 main scenario quests must be complete

If you satisfy this criteria, then you need to speak with the Yellowjacket near the main Aetheryte in Limsa as part of the quest, ‘Out of the Blue’. Complete that quest and Blue Mage will be unlocked.

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So it’s not that tough to try out the Blue Mage and, even better, you don’t need to have any expansions unlocked, either. That means along with the upcoming ‘Trust’ system that allows you to invite NPCs to help you out with tougher Shadowbringers areas, playing FFXIV solo has never been better.

Now the Blue Mage job has landed as part of patch 4.5 you have plenty of exciting things to do while you wait for the Shadowbringers release date to arrive. If you prefer party-based modes in Square Enix’s MMO, there’s still plenty to be excited about in the upcoming 5.0 update such as a new level cap, new areas, and plenty more.