Final Fantasy isn’t getting a new MMO any time soon because FFXIV is doing just fine

The game's director says the company wants to continue making updates for Final Fantasy XIV.

After its rebirth in 2013, Final Fantasy XIV has followed an upward trajectory, adding massive amounts of new content over the years since A Realm Reborn debuted. Square Enix plans to continue on that path, with no plans currently in place to create another Final Fantasy-branded MMO, or a separate sequel to FFXIV.

That’s according to Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida and head writer Banri Oda, who spoke with the German-language Spieletipps during Gamescom this week. Both developers were apparently clear: they plan to continue creating updates for Final Fantasy XIV, and Square Enix, according to the machine translation of the article, “adheres to the concept of the game.”

It’s rarely wise to rely solely on automated translations, but that part of the story seems pretty clear: “Currently there is no prospect of a new online offshoot.”

That’s likely good news for players hot off the recent Shadowbringers expansion, which launched last month. Players who have invested countless hours in the game will be glad to know more content is on the way and that Square isn’t planning on mothballing Final Fantasy XIV any time soon – even despite its relatively advanced age.

Yoshida and Oda didn’t discuss any specific plans for what might be on the way in terms of expansion or update content for Final Fantasy XIV, but they did confirm that there are new equipment and customization options coming for the Viera and Hrothgar races that were added with Shadowbringers.

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The developers also said Square Enix plans to stick with Final Fantasy XIV’s current subscription model rather than going free-to-play or using another monetization method.

Yoshida said that between the free demo and the large amount of content included with the base game, they feel the subscription-plus-premium pricing structure that’s currently in place is fair to players, and it allows for the development of new content for the game at a rapid tempo and large scale. If you’re looking for something else to play, see our list of new MMOs.