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FFXIV patch 6.18 release date confirmed, new worlds coming July

Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.18 patch has a release date, and will introduce a variety of new worlds to the online RPG as well as EXP and gil bonuses

The early release of Endwalker has pushed FFXIV to new heights.

The release date for Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.18 patch has been confirmed by the game’s producer and director, with four new worlds being added to the online RPG as well as a range of EXP and gil bonuses, though some features will still remain locked.

Producer and director Naoki Yoshida describes the central features of the 6.18 patch, which will launch in two phases, with the first beginning on July 5. Four new worlds will be added to the European data centre, with two going to the Light data centre, and two to Chaos. The Chaos worlds are named Sagittarius and Phantom – Light’s worlds are Alpha and Raiden.

There will be a 24-hour maintenance period when the new worlds are added, which will also allow for the implementation of the long-awaited data travel system, which will let you temporarily send your character over to another data centre, and play alongside people who are native there already.

And to get you travelling between the new worlds, Square-Enix is offering some pretty tasty incentives. If you create a character in a new world, you’ll receive a double EXP bonus until that character reaches level 80.

A similar bonus is available if you transfer an existing character over to a new world – double EXP until you reach level 80. However, this will only be available for the first 90 days after you transfer.

Characters created in new worlds will also receive ten silver chocobo feathers, which can be exchanged for mid-level gear, while transferred characters will get ten, also exchangeable, gold feathers.

House purchasing however will be unavailable on the new worlds until Square can “verify that the Japanese and European data centre expansions, and the data centre travel system, are stable”. Once this is complete, you will be able to purchase land on the new worlds via the standard housing lottery system.

And while you wait, if you use the world visit system, there are five sidequests for you to complete, giving you something to fill the time before you set up house on a brand new world.