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All of Final Fantasy 15’s cancelled DLC will live on as a novel

Episodes Aranea, Noctis, and Lunafreya will be released alongside Episode Ardyn in The Dawn of the Future

The Dawn of the Future

Final Fantasy XV is going to get all of its DLC after all – sort of. Next month’s Episode Ardyn was due to be the final chapter in the game’s story, but Square Enix has recently announced that the rest of the The Dawn of the Future DLC will now be released in book form.

The game’s Japanese Twitter account announced the existence of the novel in a tweet posted last week, confirming that the book will include stories relating to Ardyn, as well as Noctis, Aranea, and Lunafreya, who were all set to be the protagonists of their own DLC episodes.

Sadly, three of those episodes, which were due to be released throughout 2019, have now been canned. Last year, Final Fantasy XV’s director, Hajime Tabata, left Square Enix, causing the company to abandon development of the story’s remaining DLC. Only Episode Ardyn, the first of the four, will now see the light of day, with a release date set for next month.

Details on the book are pretty limited, although we know that it’ll release in Japan on April 25. An international release is set to follow, but there’s no release date for that just yet.

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I’d imagine the whole thing is going to be pretty chunky – Final Fantasy XV doesn’t look like a short game, and I’d imagine that’s a trait shared by its DLC. Given that The Dawn of the Future will be a literary retelling of all four of those stories, I’d guess that the page count here is likely to be pretty high, although at least it’ll provide some extra closure for fans of the series.