Final Fantasy XV hits 10 million worldwide JRPG sales

With the JRPG fanbase prepping for the next big Final Fantasy XVI reveal, Square Enix confirms that predecessor Final Fantasy XV sales worldwide look great

Worldwide Final Fantasy XV sales hit 10 million and the bros are thrilled

With most of the fanbase itching in anticipation of the next Final Fantasy XVI trailer, Square Enix confirms today that Final Fantasy XV sales worldwide for the RPG game have topped over 10 million copies, across all platforms.

Final Fantasy XV finally released on PC in March 2018 after a year and a half exclusive to consoles, and it’s still one of the best JRPGs on PC. Today, over five years since its initial release and on the Final Fantasy franchise’s 35th anniversary – which is soon to see Final Fantasy XI return within FFXIV – Square Enix has announced this big sales milestone of 10 million copies sold for Final Fantasy XV, and thanks fans for their support.

We’re not sure whether that includes players that downloaded Final Fantasy XV on Xbox Game Pass when it was available, but nonetheless, it’s an impressive milestone. The PC version is definitely a big part of that number, too, since the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition sold one million copies on Steam in its first year alone. There have been quite a few sales in the three years since.

All of this is pretty impressive, especially given multiple DLC expansions for FFXV were cancelled. Of course, the big question is what other announcements or reveals Square Enix has planned for the Final Fantasy 35th anniversary celebrations. Perhaps something to do with a certain sequel being in its “final stages”?

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