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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn hits one million registrations for beta


The rebirth of Final Fantasy XIV is live, and you can read all about it in our A Realm Reborn review.

The big leather-bound book that sits in the lobby of Square Enix’s Tokyo offices must be falling apart – not to mention the wizened clerk who mans it. One million separate human beings have registered their interest in A Realm Reborn, the publisher’s happily fun revamp of sadly rubbish MMO Final Fantasy XIV.

You can still sign up to the beta over at the official site, and return to this post just in time to hear that beta weekends have been held on an encouragingly regular basis of late – last weekend, in fact, and the weekend before that, and the weekend before that. Like clockwork.

Squeenix have also implemented cross-platform functionality with the PS3, so you can go and make friends with the Other Side, perhaps without even noticing their abnormally large thumbs or fetishism of simple, coloured shapes. It’s a prejudice-free realm, unless your first name is ‘Greater’.

Have you been involved yet? If so, have you drawn any early conclusions?