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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a tenner for its Steam launch - 30 free days included

Final Fantasy XIV originally launched without its suffix, but was redeveloped after it flopped.

Steam’s ‘You’ve played’ hour counter is open to interpretation – and not just because it’s unreliable. It’s a number which, when cross-referenced with your progress in Dark Souls, can quantifiably define how rubbish you are. It can be a badge of honour. Or it can be a timely reminder to maybe go for a walk instead, just this once.

I mention this because it’s something Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players might want to consider before they begin playing it via Steam, where it’s just been added. You can lie to yourself, and you probably will if you liked it as much as Nick in his A Realm Reborn review, but the hour counter will not lie to you.

I’m sure we’ve mentioned before that A Realm Reborn is one of the best MMOs of recent times. Ah yes: our Nick said as much in his lengthy Final Fantasy XIV review.

Bar some minor latency issues that become major in high level dungeons, A Realm Reborn really is your best bet for a traditional MMO in this age of Guild Wars group questing and Elder Scrolls hybrids.

There’s a subscription involved – but the game’s currently 50% off for the Steam launch, which means $15/£10/12.49 euros for 30 days’ play. A sole month with A Realm Reborn would be worth that asking price – so long as you don’t mind leaving your character and quests behind somewhere arbitrary once the time’s up.

The Collector’s Edition, which offers a platter of in-game benefits, is discounted too – reduced to$25/£17.49/20 euros until February 25.

Have any of you lot built a house in Eorzea yet? Nick called A Realm Reborn a “full-fledged Final Fantasy game”, which means stomaching that series’ very particular tone.