Phoenix Downtime: Final Fantasy XIV emergency server maintenance incoming, free play extended


The rebirth of Final Fantasy XIV is live, and you can read all about it in our A Realm Reborn review.

Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida was so profoundly apologetic in his statement on the MMO’s launch issues this weekend that onlookers found their hands outstretched in front of their keyboards, ready to catch him should he attempt to fall on his sword.

Actions speak louder than chocobo tears, however. To that end, Squeenix have armed themselves with new servers (which in my head look like old-fashioned Marshall amps), elongated free introductory periods for players still unable to login, and prepped for an emergency repair job this evening.

“Because login and character creation restrictions have hindered our ability to provide quality service, all Final Fantasy 14 service accounts will receive an additional seven days of free play time,” announced the developers.

“Furthermore, users who have yet to enter their registration codes will receive an additional seven-day trial should they register before 11.59 pm (PDT) on September 9, 2013. Moving forward, we will continue monitoring the servers to ensure that quality service and support are provided in a timely manner.”

Downtime will hit at 5pm PDT tonight / 1am BST tomorrow and last for 10 hours, while the maintenance team work to increase the number of Worlds, reduce stress on Duty Finder servers, and up the number of concurrent logins allowed on each server. Sounds dead easy.

I know our Nick had some real troubles logging in while working on his Final Fantasy XIV impressions blog. Have you experienced similar?

Thanks, Eurogamer.