Edmund McMillen’s Fingered is a simple whodunnit where you have ultimate power over life and death


Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac man Ed McMillen has announced that his latest game, Fingered, will be releasing on August 18th on Steam. It’s a puzzle game where different characters will describe the guilty party in a murder. Along with narrowing down the suspects based on these descriptions, you have to take what you know about the informants and work out how it’s colouring what they’re telling you. The launch ‘trailer’ is below, and you’ll see the reason for those inverted commas almost immediately.

As you may have guessed, Ed’s partnered with his usual trailer compadre James Id for not only the above, but the game as a whole. In a brief Q&A session on his blog, Ed said that they came together for aweekend jam and it quickly evolved into this full game. The inspiration for the design came from Ed wanting to make weird faces for randomly generated people.

The fingering part comes down to interpreting the surity of a clue and the mindset of the person behind it. If they say they’re “positive” it’s reliable, while otherwise it has a 50/50 shot at it being true. Meanwhile some characters will speak in nothing but opposites or, as Ed puts it, “one man’s fat is another man’s sexy!”

It’ll be $1.87 when it releases, which works out to just over a pound. More hot facts and some screenshots – that are far more revealing as to how the game plays than the trailer – are up on the Steam page.

Thanks, RPS.