Firaxicon: Firaxis is putting on its first official convention next month


I’m not saying Firaxicon sounds like some sort of virility enhancer, but I am saying that it sounds like the sort of thing you’d want in an unmarked bottle which you would immediately hide if you ever bought it in a chemists. 

What it actually is, though, is the first Firaxis convention, which takes place in Maryland next month. 

It looks like there are quite a few good reasons to attend. Here’s some of what’s on the docket:

  • Meet, greet and game with members of the Firaxis Games team!
  • Enjoy ‘An Evening with Sid Meier’ featuring an exclusive presentation by Sid
  • Play Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth almost a month before release!
  • Sign-up for the first ever XCOM: EU Invitational Tournament for a chance to win THE GOLDEN MUTON
  • Tour the Firaxis Games office, and meet their friendly Mechtoid
  • Enjoy hours of panels, presentations and more – all focused on Firaxis Games
  • Play boardgames against (and with!) Firaxis Games’ designers
  • Get unique Firaxicon swag, just for attending
  • Get access to Firaxis Games merchandise

The convention kicks off at 10AM EDT on September 27th and finishes at 10 the following day. Tickets aren’t too pricey, either, at $40.