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Firefall cash shop to open at the end of the month “hopefully”, but Red 5 are “not going to sell you power”


Red 5 Studios’ numerous new hires have wasted no time in hi-hoing off to work on Firefall. We’ve had their biggest patch ever, we’re getting the eSports toolkit, and now they’re preparing the game’s back end for its cash shop – the crucial commercial corner in this free-to-play MMO shooter.

“Hopefully at the end of the month, so not far away,” Scott Youngblood told PCGamesN. “I don’t really know if that has been announced, but I guess I just announced it. Yeah, we’re working on our back end, getting our cash operating, so that we can start realising [our vision].”

Mindful of free-to-play’s partially-deserved reputation, Youngblood’s quick to reassure that Red 5 are “not going to sell you power”.

“That’s one thing that I’m adamant on. Life sucks, there’s inequalities everywhere. I don’t want that in my video game.”