Firefall devs release milestone 0.6 update alongside lengthiest patch notes world has ever seen


The patch notes for the 0.6 update to massively multiplayer FPS Firefall clock in at an astonishing 7,337 words, enough words to drown a small rodent, enough words to reach from here to the moon, depending on font size, enough words to feed a family of sentences for a month. The girth of these notes should give you some sense of the scale of the changes Red 5 have made to their game’s progression systems, which have been ceremoniously overhauled. That’s progress, after all.

The full patch notes can be found on the Firefall forum— they’re genuinely too large to bother pasting in here. Besides, the real meat of the milestone update has been intelligently dissected and discussed by one of the game’s designer over on the Firefall blog. There, Cameron Winston explains exactly why the previous progression mechanics just weren’t working, why they had to be gutted and why Red 5 decided to renovate.

And if those 7,337 words weren’t enough for you, allow every frame of this Firefall video to paint another thousand.