Firefall devs reveal new Engineer and Biotech class updates


Red 5 Studios are inviting you to sneak a peek at Firefall’s upcoming summer milestone, which makes the MMOFPS update sound positively coquettish. Dare you steal a naughty glance at its new features? Oh, what would the vicar say if he found out? Red 5 presses a finger to your lips. “Shush now”, the ex-Blizzard devs whisper, inches from your ear, “just take a look at our new Engineer and Medic battleframes”. You relax. “We’ve even renamed the Medic.” Unnff. Trailers below!

The Engineer’s got a new tesla rifle which increases in damage the longer you can keep it trained on an enemy. His mini-turrets now come in sets of three, allowing him to spread his influence across the map, and his new shield offers a handy and reassuring defensive hemisphere.

The Medic has been renamed the Biotech, and can now belch poison gas out of his bottom, leaving a guff-trail of trump-stew that damages enemies. He’s also got a crossbow-type weapon that debuffs its victim, increasing damage they take by up to 30%.

Justin Hanson goes into some detail over on the Firefall blog. It’s a fascinating read that explains why, in particular, the Medic has had such a drastic overhaul. If you’re suitably impressed, beta registration can be found on the Firefall website.