Firefall devs reveal new Recon and Dreadnaught class updates


More, more, MORE class videos for Red 5’s free to play FPS Firefall have arrived. This time they reveal the Dreadnaught and Recon battleframes, while we continue to fall a little bit in love with the developers, who seem really nice. If you’d like to sneak a peek at the updated ‘frames, have a sneaky click of the read more button to unfurl this post to its full, majestic, video-embedding-capable length.

The Recon battleframe is Firefall’s sniper class. He’s got a devious ability called Switch Shot, which enables friendly fire on whomever it hits. It also negates any healing effects cast on the victim, and prevents them from healing anybody else. It essentiallyturns them into a momentary pariah, a forever alone outcast destined to fail in everything he attempts. Ouch.

Meanwhile, the heavy-weapons Dreadnaught battleframe is less “wishy-washy” now. He gets Gravity Field, which distorts the path of bullets, as well as some tweaks to his long range abilities.

The devs have written exhaustively about the upcoming milestone changes on the Firefall blog. We like to imagine them reading to us next to a roaring log fire, in a cabin somewhere in the Lake District. Previously, Red 5 revealed the Engineer and Biotech updates.