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Firefall Founders packs will fund the free-to-play fun


Red 5 have revealed three tiers of Founders Packs as the way they’ll be seeking initial funding their free-to-play shooter Firefall. These contain things like experience buffs and name registrations, but most importantly Tiki masks.

As far back as cave-dwelling man, who would sit by the fireside carving their initials onto the ZX Spectrum, Tiki masks have appeared in games. There’s the man in the car inHorace Goes Skiingand Andromeda’s change of clothes in Perseus & Andromeda. But for some reason, in recent years the trend has dropped off. Good on Red 5 for bringing back this noble tradition.

Firefall’s Founders packs are priced at $20, $50, $100.

$20 nets you:
$20 of red beans
An insignia
1 Tiki Mask
A permanent 5% experience boost
Name Reserve forever

$55 of red beans
A bigger insignia
5 Tiki Masks
A permanent 10% experience boost
A poster
Name Reserve forever
Army name reserved forever

$120 of red beans
An even bigger insignia
10 Tiki masks
A permanent 15% experience boost
A beanie
Name Reserve forever
Army name reserved forever
A motorbike

Plus, during PAX they’ll be discounting this stuff by 25%. That’s from the 31st August – 2nd September.