Firefall’s first public beta weekend is nigh


Red 5 Studios ran three Firefall event weekends at the tail end of last year, but despite regular flurries of beta keys, a street survey I conducted this afternoon outside my South Yorkshire home turned up not one visitor to Copacabana’s bitey shores.

Lucky, then, that this Friday’s session is open to all and sundry, provided they register first.

This weekend will be the first of three scheduled for January, February and March this year. They’re stress tests, designed to ensure Firefall’s servers can withstand intense periods of traffic before Red 5 press the nuclear button marked ‘beta’.

“After successfully completing a few controlled stress-tests late last year, we’re excited to move into the next phase,” said Red 5 VP of development James Macauley. “This will be the first time that we’ve opened up Firefall’s servers to everyone. We’re really looking forward to gathering a bunch of new feedback and data that will help us build up to launch this year.”

The event will last for 48 hours beginning January 25th, and feature a competition to see who can shoot people dead in the most stylish manner. Find specifics on that here.

In practice, Friday should look something like this:

Jetpacks uniformly denote greatness, in my experience. Can you think of any counter-examples?